Best Apps to Step Up Your iPhone Photography

With the diversity of photo apps on the iPhone play store, to arrive at a choice is overwhelming. Because it’s hard to sort out the best from the worst, I’ve come up with a comprehensive list to help. I’ve done the research and got a list of downloadable apps that are will improve your iPhone photography. These photo apps range from camera apps, to photo sharing apps or even image editing apps.


Snapspeed for Better Editing

Snapspeed is the most popular of all photo apps in most iPhone photography. It’s perfect for enhancing features of a photo and also can process using techniques such as cropping, sharpening, and coloring. Snapspeed can be a healing tool for your photos. It helps clear unwanted objects or features from your photo. In additon, it even adjust the brightness or color of your picture.


VSCO for Community

VSCO is equatable to a standalone camera and a networking tool for photographers. Among the tools offered by VSCO interface is the white balance lock, adjustment of shutter speed and also the ability to focus separately. The images are similarly saved in the high resolution and in a quality that is not compressed.

Obscura Camera: a Better Photography Eye

The Obscura app is most suited for those who are not far into the additional editing and are interested in camera app replacement. The camera is because this app has tools that help the user perfect an image before even tapping the shutter button. This camera has nine builds in live filters, and more are available when you purchase. It also has a walk-through guide in a case where one loses.

Color Pop Effects for lively photos

The color pop effect is a fantastic photo editor that enables the user to single out particular areas and colors within the picture. It also enhances the editing process because it has specifications for setting boundaries on an image that you want to work on or even adjusting the size of the brushes to get into those tricky areas.

SelfieX for self pictures

The front camera in iPhone users improves with the installation of the SelfieX app as it helps take high-resolution selfies. SelfieX also has a virtual assistance feature that provides you with guidance on positioning, and it can even snap a picture for you automatically and thus makes the entire process friendly.


The CamMe is useful to the people who would instead make a full body shot while taking selfies. Manually the process requires the use of a mirror which in most cases the results might be unappealing. CamMe app uses hand gestures to start a countdown while taking a picture and this allows a person to step back for a full body shot and is also useful for group shots.

Google Photos for your Storage Needs

The feature offers free, quality and unlimited storage of videos and photos. Google photos provide an alternative for your stock photos app. Although it is not necessarily free for Apple to offer the room in iCloud, you are presented with 5 GB data before a prompt for an upgrade for additional space is given.

Facebook Moments for the Memories

Moments is not a gallery app, but it enables sharing and receiving photos between friends and family. For it to effect, you have to grant it access to your photos where it creates “moments” and then gives the user an option of whom he wants to share them, and it depends on the individuals identified in the pictures. Moments aims at helping people exchange photographs that they would somewhat have missed because they didn’t take them themselves.