How to Take Better Travel Photos on Your Next Trip

A photo is a memoir of the good times you spend with your loved ones. A good travel photo is also a souvenir from your vacation. It helps you relive those wonderful moments. It can also inspire you to plan another great vacation. Not all of us are great photographers. But there are certain tips you can follow to make any photo look as though it was taken by a professional.

1. Know Your Camera

Whether you use the camera on your smartphone or a DSLR camera, the first step to getting great travel photos is knowing your equipment. Familiarize yourself with all the different settings on your camera. You can take great pictures from your smartphones too if you know which settings to use. Sometimes you see a shot and it doesn’t stay the same for long. Hence, it is important to know all the shortcuts on your phones.

2. Pose Naturally

You know those childhood photos where the whole family is posing in front of a monument or a sight in one row? Well, that style of photography is definitely out of style. Instead, take travel photos that have more natural poses. For example, instead of standing in front of a monument, take a picture of you or one of your family member looking at the monument. Your photos should capture the moments that actually took place. This makes the photos come to life.

3. Rule of Thirds

Whenever you are taking the photo of an object, switch on the grid feature and make sure that you can visualize the frame in a way that it is divided into three parts. The division can either be horizontal, vertical or both. The key is to place the object you want to photograph in these thirds. So if you take a photo such that the object lies on the lines that separate the thirds, it will really focus attention on the object.

4. Use Patterns

We are trained to look for and identify patterns. Patterns can be anything, for example, the way the shadows line up or the way the trees look in the background. This will make your photo more appealing.

5. Frame the Photo

Many times, just the way a particular photo is framed is what sets it apart. So before you take a photo, pause and think for a moment if there is a better frame for taking the same picture. You can take the picture of a particular object through a doorway or a window.

6. Play with Light

Light is your best friend while taking photos. Know how to manipulate light to get the best possible shot. While taking pictures of something at a waterfront, take it in such a way that you can see the object as well as its reflection in the water. You can also use shadows to create a beautiful effect on your photos.

7. Focus

You don’t want to take the photo of a beautiful moment only to realize later that it was out of focus and blurred. Ensure that you focus on the subject of the photo and you have steady hands while taking the travel photo.

8. Don’t Zoom

When you zoom in an object, you lose a lot of clarity. So, instead of zooming in on a distant object, take the photo of the object without zooming and later crop the image and enhance it to get the result you want.
Keep the above tips in mind while traveling to ensure that you get the best possible photos of your holiday.